World School Cross Country: Race Ambassador MCcolgan Urges Athletes To Have Fun, Run With A Smile

Kenyan athletes step up training in Nairobi ahead of the 24th Edition of World School Cross Country Championship at Ngong Race Course on Sunday. PHOTO/AK

By Christine Ojung’a

NAIROBI, Kenya- The 2024 World School Cross Country Championship at the Ngong Race Course in Nairobi on Sunday will be a sports extravaganza event held on African soil for the second time since 2000 in Marrakech, Morrocco.

At the forefront of this global dialogue stands The International School Sports (ISF) Ambassador Liz McColgan.

She is a figure whose influence extends far beyond the realms of competition and will be spectating the Sunday’s competition.

In the grand narrative of the ambassador in Nairobi on Thursday highlights her excitement for the cross country, and how great time has been taken to develop and sell good programs and skills to the young athletes who are our future champions. Moreover, she believes that cross country is the backbone of a great running to the young athletes.

Liz being a champion in the world of sports, marks remarkable milestones, believes Kenya has what it takes to win because of the strong sportsmanship, inclusivity and teamwork “Kenya has a wealth of great runners and many people tend to forget how these athletes get there” she said showing her dedication to spread passion, unity and positivity. She urges Kenyans to come in large and support Team Kenya on this unforgettable history to come.

Liz also acknowledges the support in the power of mentorship and guidance “I want to support the young women-girls in sports so as to get the help they need to become champions. Not only for education level but also for the purpose to become champions,” said Liz.

“Kindly enjoy the championship, run with a smile, just have a great day on Sunday,” McColgan said.

“These athletes are our future champions; it takes a lot to groom them and I’m glad we have already started. I urge all and sundry to come to the Ngong Race Course on Sunday to cheer them up,” McColgan underscored.

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