Kenyans Strike Gold, Dominate Korean Ambassadors Taekwondo Cup In Kampala

Rebeccah Maria from Regional Taekwondo in red in action with Beroparwoth Kelly of Uganda Police in the ladies +73kgs. PHOTO/ BECKY OMINDE

By Becky Ominde

NAIROBI, Kenya- Kenyans shone in the ninth edition of the Korean Ambassadors Taekwondo Cup held at the Lugogo Indoor Arena in Kampala, Uganda on June 1-2, 2024.

Faith Adhiambo dazzled in the championship organized by the Uganda Taekwondo Federation in collaboration with the Korean Embassy as she striked gold and Most Valuable Player Award in the Kyorugi senior women’s U-46kg category. Her compatriot Ashley Munyasia took silver.

Dock Stacy of Kenya was no match for her eye-hawked Ugandan opponents in the Kyorugi senior women’s U-457kg which she triumphed with less struggle.

Jack Wavamuno who is a patron at Uganda Taekwondo Federation giving our certificate to Stacy Dock of ICY KENYA who won gold medal (-57kgs. PHOTO/ BECKY OMINDE

At the same time, Rebeccah Maria was good for bronze for the country in the Kyorugi senior women’s Over-73kg showpiece.

Other Kenyan champions in the showdown that attracted six Kenyan clubs and 19 Ugandan teams included Jeminy Voiya (Kyorugi junior men’s U-42kg), Dancan Ziden (Kyorugi junior men’s U-51kg) and Wandera Raymond (Kyorugi junior men’s U-68kg).

Hazeny Lumwach was the sole medalist for the country in the Kyorugi junior women’s U52kg where she lifted gold.

Kenyan clubs that took part in the contest included the Regional Taekwondo Club, Ragumo, Kisumu Taekwondo, ICY Kenya, Madera Taekwondo and the Swift Kicks Taekwondo Club.

From left to right taekwondo referees with yellow bips, those in uniform are taekwondo athletes during the closing ceremony. PHOTO/ BECKY OMINDE

During the championship, the competitors engaged in thrilling matches showcasing their expertise in both Poomsae and Kyorugi. The event attracted 250 athletes, including 131 senior males, 33 senior women, 65 boys and 21 girls.

Uganda Police team emerged overall champions of the tournament. They dominated the medal tally securing 10 gold,5 silver and 9 bronze followed by Uganda Prisons with 6 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze.

Finishing third was Regional Taekwondo Club with 4 gold,6 silver and 4 bronze. Ragumo Taekwondo Club took fourth position with 2 gold medals.

Among the juniors, CSCA Taekwondo Club from Uganda emerged as the frontrunners with 5 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rita Nampoza giving out the trophy for 2nd Runners Up overall to Rebeccah Maria and Isaac ochieng of Regional Taekwondo Club. PHOTO/ BECKY OMINDE

Second placed was Regional Taekwondo Club from Kenya with 3 gold, and 1 bronze followed by Ragumo Kisumu Taekwondo Club with 2 gold medals.


Senior Men’s Kyorugi results

-54 KGS

1.Ogwal Farouk (Uganda Police)

2.George Wiliams (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Omodingi Denis (CSCA)

4.Megolonyo Pido (Gulu University)


1.Tabule Richard (Uganda Prisons)

2.Ochieng Isaac (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Ivan Ibrahim (Maseno University)

4.Obalim Denis (Uganda Police)


1.Wakurwoth Cranma (Uganda Police)

2.Oduor Kevin (ICY Kenya)

3.Ntalo Micrios (MUTC-UPDF)

4.Akena Emmy (Uganda Police)


1.Otema Jimmy (Uganda Police)

2.Memusi David (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Rackara Stephen (Uganda Police)


1.Mugweri Christopher (Uganda Police)

2.Okello Darius (Uganda Police)

3.Opiyo Michael (Nwoya Taekwondo)

4.Okeme Simon (Nwoya Taekwondo)


1.Onencan Junior (Nwoya Taekondo)

2.Okello Richard (Gulu University)

3.Polupodu Erasto (Uganda Prisons)

4.Obedgiu Francis (Uganda Police)


1.Ocen Innocent (Uganda Police)

2.Okello Ronald (Tiger Hood)

3.Keuber Stephen (MUTC-UPDF)

4.Opiyo Geoffrey (Gulu University)


1.Okello Boniface (Uganda Prisons)

2.Ekwar David (Uganda Prisons)

3.Orombi Joseph (Uganda Police)

4. Okello Francis (Nwoya Taekwondo)

Senior Female kyorugi results


1.Faith Adhiambo (Regional Taekwondo) MVP[RM1]

2.Ashley Munyasia (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Alaro Teddy (Uganda Police)


1.Faith Adye. (Uganda Police)

2.Jerida Asiko (Ragumo Taekwondo)


1.Kiiza Annet (Uganda Prisons)

2.Kiden Gloria (Uganda Police)

3.Ajwang Pasika (Uganda Police)

4.Nanyonojjo Mariam (Ndejje University)


1.Dock Stacy (ICY Kenya)

2.Akello Eunice (Uganda Police)

3.Ajok Rosee (Lee Taekwondo)

4.Anyeko Isabella (Uganda Police)


1.Ayo Veronica (Uganda Police)

2.Niyigena Florence (Ndejje University)

3.Angu Dinnah (Uganda Prisons)

4.Apoto Esther (Uganda Prisons)


1.Abeja Gloria (Uganda Prisons)

2.Ruth Atieno (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Amongin Rebeccah (Uganda Police)

4.Atwoo Mercy (Nwoya Taekwondo)


1.Nalubega Lamun (Uganda Police)

2.Judy Loonkoshu (Regional Taekwondo)

3.Alimo Lucky (Uganda Prisons)


1.Beroparwoth Kelly (Uganda Police)

2.Kedrine Atwii (UPDF)

3.Rebeccah Maria (Regional Taekwondo)

4.Nandudu Sandra (CSCA)

Junior Men’s Kyorugi results


1.Jeminy Voiya (Regional Taekwondo)

2.Gedion Robert (ICY Kenya)

3.Olara Moses (CSCA)

4.Denzel Ng’ang’a (Regional Taekwondo)


1.Adoko Justine (Uganda Prisons)

2.Rwothomio Awad (Caltel Taekwondo)

3.Kintu Wisdom (Caltel Taekwondo)

4.Nsubuga Andrew (Caltel Taekwondo)


1.Dancan Ziden (Ragumo Taekwondo)

2.Jakisha Joshua (CSCA)

3.Tayebwa Enock (Caltel Taekwondo)


1.Oloya Aaron (CSCA)

2.Ochieng Rooney (Ragumo Taekwondo)

3.Okumu Julius (CSCA)

4.Ismail Mahir (CSCA)


1.Odoch Benson (CSCA)

2.Wereber Emmanuel (CSCA)

3.Twinomasiko Tonny (Caltel Taekwondo)

4.Zaid Mohammed (CSCA)


1.Omara Steven (CSCA)

2.Ocen Henry (Red Scorpion)

3.Odokonyero Ronald (CSCA)

4.Oryem James (Nwoya Taekwondo)


1.Wandera Raymond (Regional Taekwondo)

2.Muna Brian (CSCA)

3.Gum Christopher (Lee Taekwondo)

4.Mugalula Teddy (CSCA)

Junior Female Kyorugi results


1.Apiyo Joan (Gulu University)

2.Lakica Maritha (Gulu University)

3.Nalwanga Tyra (Friends Taekwondo)

4.Angel Ageno (CSCA)


1.Nandutu Daphine (CSCA)

2.Hatima Musema (CSCA)

3.Akello Brenda (Red Scorpion)

4.Acen Linda (Red Scorpion)


1.Hazeny Lumwach (Regional Taekwondo)

2.Atim Daniela (CSCA)

3.Kayizi Gloria (Caltel Taekwondo)


1.Binti Hijira (CSCA)

2.Atim Gift (Uganda Prisons)

3.Kwinzera Jesse (CSCA)

4.Ayinembabazi Benna (Caltel Taekwondo)


1.Akello Praise (Uganda Prisons)

2.Zereda Mitchel (Caltel Taekwondo)

3.Semwanga Veronica (Caltel Taekwondo)

4.Amita Peninah (Friends Taekwondo)

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