Isuzu Drives The Thrill: A Dynamic Partnership Powers East African Safari Classic With Precision Performance

Officials at Isuzu expresses gratitude for the the generous sponsorship of the East African Safari Classic 2023. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN SAFARI CLASSIC

NAIROBI, Kenya– Chairman of East Africa Rally Limited Joey Ghose, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Hiroshi Hisatomi, Chairman of Isuzu East Africa Limited, for the generous sponsorship of the East African Safari Classic 2023.

Isuzu East Africa Limited has demonstrated its commitment to the Classic Rally by donating two Isuzu brands MU-X and D-MAX, which are proving to be invaluable assets to the event.

Speaking during a visit to the events rest day headquarters in Nairobi, by Mr. Hisatomi, Mr. Ghose expressed his gratitude, stating, “Isuzu East Africa Limited’s sponsorship has been instrumental in elevating the East African Safari Classic 2023 to new heights. The commitment and support from Isuzu have not only enhanced the overall organization of the event but have also showcased their dedication to promoting and uplifting motorsports in the region.”

Mr. Hisatomi, also commended the partnership, saying, “We are proud to support the East African Safari Classic 2023, an iconic event that embodies the spirit of endurance, adventure, and precision. Isuzu is committed to fostering positive connections with the community, and our sponsorship reflects our dedication to the growth and success of motorsports in East Africa.”

During the visit, Mr. Ghose guided Mr. Hisatomi through the diverse activities unfolding at the event’s service park, at the rest day headquarters in Nairobi. This immersive experience allowed Mr. Hisatomi to witness the crews in action, maintaining and repairing the classic rally cars for the challenges that lie ahead.

The two Isuzu double cab pickups, provided by Isuzu East Africa Limited, play pivotal roles in the successful execution of the East African Safari Classic 2023.

One of the vehicles is actively engaged in the critical task of route surveying, ensuring that the rally’s paths are meticulously planned and optimized for the challenging conditions unique to the East African terrain.

The second Isuzu double cab pickup is designated as the day advance vehicle, enhancing the efficiency and coordination of the event. This vehicle takes on the vital responsibility of exploring the route in advance, ensuring that all logistical aspects are well-prepared for the participating teams, media, and spectators.

The East African Safari Classic 2023, fueled by the generous sponsorship from Isuzu East Africa Limited, is unfolding to be a thrilling and unforgettable event for participants and enthusiasts alike.

The collaboration between East Africa Rally Limited and Isuzu East Africa Limited underscores the shared commitment to excellence and the promotion of motorsports in the East African region.

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