Crews Shift Focus To East African Classic Day 6 Of After Rest Day In Nairobi

Crews shift their focus to making adjustments to their automotive machine systems on rest day seven. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN CLASSIC RALLY

NAIROBI, Kenya – Classic rally teams have now turned their attention to Day 6 of the East African Classic Rally tomorrow following a rejuvenating rest day in Nairobi on Thursday.

Eugenio Amos starts the second half of the event with an impressive lead of over 18 minutes, showcasing exceptional driving skills over the past four days and securing victories in three stages.  

Rounding up the top five places which happen to be made up of Porsche 911, are defending champion Baldev Chager in second place, 18 minutes 44 seconds, Kris Rosenberger in 4th followed by Jourdan Serderidis from in 5th overall.

Mechanics and team managers kept busy inspecting and servicing their cars at the service park located at the Carnivore grounds that was a beehive of activities with teams working round the clock to beat the 6 hours allowed for service.

The action begins at 6am tomorrow morning with a total of 57 cars still in contention as they head out to Amboseli.

Drivers Comments

Baldev Chager

Crews shift their focus to making adjustments to their automotive machine systems on rest day seven. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN CLASSIC RALLY

“Circumstance have made it hard yesterday we had a gear box issue then we had this rainstorm caught up with several cars. You couldn’t see 10 meters ahead. But its ok, we are still running, the lead is running away. The pace is picking up and a lot of time. Today we are doing our best we are allowed to have four mechanics around the car and as always where I can help am always available. Am hands on person and always enjoy being around them. We had the gearbox changed and a couple of precautionary changes.”

Kyle Lucas

“It’s been a lot of work and being a privateer makes it even harder. It’s been a journey and when we found the shell somewhere in Eldoret we had to do it over completely to be rally ready. It’s a 1978 car, we had to import a lot of the parts. We have put in a lot into this car. And here we are as privateers, halfway through it and still going.”

Philip Kyriazi

Crews shift their focus to making adjustments to their automotive machine systems on rest day seven. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN CLASSIC RALLY

“Today we did a complete check of and very little was left to chance. So basic we have been lucky and we have just done preventative maintenance through the day today.”

Harvey Jutley

“We decided to be with the mechanics and give them moral support as they work on the car. We just changed the gear box nothing else. Looking at the four days the first day was the most difficult

Emile Breittmayer

It really surprising for us because we had not imagined that we would be in this position. It’s a very tough rally and it’s the first time we getting to do this rally. The roads are so difficult, we are used to navigation and pace notes. It’s very difficult but it’s so much fun.”

Jourdan Serdiridis

Crews shift their focus to making adjustments to their automotive machine systems on rest day seven. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN CLASSIC RALLY

“I’m discovering a lot of things except Kenya but it’s very different form the WRC. I have had to discover and learn the car and rear wheel drive so I had no expectation and it took me 4 days and also understanding how everyone is performing.”

Rajesh Maini

“Normally we are not up high as we are so it’s a nice feeling and great to finish in fay light. We have been keeping its steady and not damaging the car and got through every stage relatively clean. I think natural attrition you progress upwards.”

Eugenio Amos

“I actually don’t like rest day I prefer staying in the race. I trained a lot at home physically and mentally is well and am feeling good.”


Or NDrivers ClassTotal 
1       8Eugenio AMOSPaolo CECICl407:41:39.3 
2       1Baldev CHAGERGareth DAWECl408:00:23.7 
3     35Emile BREITTMAYERAlexis THOMASCl408:09:26.1 
4       3Kris ROSENBERGERNicola BLEICHERCl408:12:40.0 
5     10Jourdan SERDERIDISGregoire MUNSTERCl408:12:51.0 
6     15Bonamy GRIMESMartin ROWECl408:14:17.1 
7       7Philip KADOORIERyan CHAMPIONCl408:17:04.4 
8     22Andrew SIDDALLGary McELHINNEYCl408:32:39.4 
9     34Rajesh MAINIDevan BHUNDIACl308:39:58.4 
10       5Ian DUNCANJaspal MATHARUCl408:45:33.4 
11     26Toby WRIGHTDouglas RUNDGRENCl308:47:37.0 
12     23Michael HOLMQVISTEmil AXELSSONCl408:52:09.4 
13     24Mark BENTLEYEd BENTLEYCl308:54:07.1 
14     45Patrice PERCHEJulien SAUNIERCl409:01:04.6 
15     12Anthony NIELSENAmaar SLATCHCl309:04:19.9 
16     49Iain DOBSONHarry STUBBSCl309:04:28.2 
17     19David von SCHINKELFredrik VON DER ESCHCl409:07:51.5 
18     50Josef JOBSTLuis JOBSTCl409:15:41.1 
19     41Geoffrey-PAGE MORRISDez-PAGE MORRISCl409:53:16.4 
20     51Joseph HUBERYves HUBERCl409:57:43.0 
21     18Roger SAMUELSSONJulia SVENSSONCl410:05:40.7 
22     27Shakeel KHANAssad MUGHALCl310:12:52.7 
23     44Frederic COMTETLudivine MARQUISETCl410:14:52.7 
24     16Richard ACZELAllan HARRYMANCl410:26:59.0 
25     29Glen EDMUNDSLloyd DESTROCl110:28:32.8 
26     39Phillip KYRIAZIGeorge KYRIAZICl310:29:39.0 
27       6Geoff BELLTim CHALLENCl410:33:04.8 
28     38Malcolm RICHAdrian CAVENAGHCl310:59:38.5 
29     21Farhaaz KHANKeith HENRIECl311:10:05.5 
30     63Vojtech STAJFJan BEJVLCl411:17:18.2 
31     36Olivier BREITTMAYEREric FORNEYCl411:21:47.0 
32     40Kyle LUCASKaran SEHMICl311:27:50.7 
33     46Pawel MOLGOMaciej MARTONCl411:28:57.3 
34     11Evgeny KIREEVPer GUNNAR ANDERSSONCl411:33:51.0 
35     57Asad ANWARVictor OKUNDICl111:41:51.5 
36     28John COYNEJosh McERLEANCl411:59:09.9 
37     14Robert CALDERGavin LAURENCECl411:59:41.4 
38     31Rommy BAMRAHHarvey JUTLEYCl412:06:06.7 
39     33Nish LAKHANITeeku PATELCl112:08:18.2 
40     53Tim CHESSERJack CHESSERCl313:18:01.0 
4158Michael KAHLFUSSRonald BAUERCl1Cl1  13:18:16.6
4247Philippe DUBAEREAndre LEYHCl4Cl413:57:23.9
4362Jakub GROCHOLAMichal JUCEWICZCl4Cl415:01:55.5
4459Lola VERLAQUEEdward VERLAQUECl1Cl115:09:40.3

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