SportPesa Launches Transformative Sports And Talent Development Initiative Supported By DBA Africa

SportPesa Chief Executive Officer Captain Ronald Karauri (left) and Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba (second right) during the launch of the Tujiamini Initiative in Nairobi on Thursday night. PHOTO/ SP

NAIROBI, Kenya- Tujiamini, a ground breaking initiative aimed at nurturing and supporting all talents, particularly in the realm of sports, has been launched, powered by SportPesa.

The initiative that seeks to appreciate past, present and future sportsmen and women of Kenya is set to redefine the local talent recognition and development landscape with its unique approach and commitment in exposing and rewarding talent and passion in sports.

In launching Tujiamini, SportPesa has partnered with DBA Africa, a social enterprise sports development company, renowned for working in multiple sports and talent disciplines across East Africa.

“Through this partnership SportPesa is committed to sustaining grass-roots sports development in the country. We recognise that talent manifests in many ways, all of which need to be supported to reach the next level. Tujiamini is yet another way that SportPesa can help identify, showcase and support the immense talent pool that exists in our communities across the country”, said SportPesa Chief Executive Officer Captain Ronald Karauri.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba speaks during the launch of the Tujiamini Initiative in Nairobi on Thursday night. PHOTO/ SP

Translating to “Believe in ourselves”, Tujiamini is a rallying call to inspire confidence and self-belief among all sports enthusiasts. “No matter your talent or sporting discipline, Tujiamini believes that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness with the right support and encouragement”, added Captain Karauri.

This is the second time SportPesa is initiating Tujiamini, but with added impetus on providing monetary and in-kind support, targeting both sports related and non-sports needs. Over the next 10 months Tujiamini will allocate a monthly budget of over Ksh 3,000,000 to reward up to 87 applicants across four distinct categories.

Speaking when he officiated the launch of Tujiamini, Hon. Ababu Namwamba, Cabinet Secretary, Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports declared his support for the initiative noting that it exemplified a shared obligation that all stakeholders owe to the youth.

“Tujiamini is offering a deliberate and structured talent development pipeline in all disciplines going all the way to the grass-roots. This will give our young people an invaluable chance to showcase their talents and thrive in their best forms, which is a shared vision of the government’s Talanta Hela initiative”, he said.

SportPesa Chief Executive Officer Captain Ronald Karauri (left) and Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba (second right) during the launch of the Tujiamini Initiative in Nairobi on Thursday night. PHOTO/ SP

In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, community football teams Rockstars FC, a Kakamega regional football side and Megastars FC which is the Kenyatta University regional side, each received a 3 year deal worth KES 250,000 annually including kit support. Dubbed the ‘Cheza Dimba Award,  Tujiamini will be rewarding 1 team in the National League and below within a chosen region each month.

Kicking off the Tujiamini Gold winners pool of 2024 were the Shoot for Life Basketball Team that plays in the National Level 1 League but harbouring dreams of being promoted to the premiership. Based in Eldoret and comprising of 42 players,  Shoot For Life walked away with KES 500,000 in addition to kit support.

The money will go towards the seasonal transport and accommodation needs for the team that is required to travel to Nairobi five times and once to Mombasa every season. The team will now be able to send a full strength team as opposed to the maximum of eight that travels currently for each away game.

In the Silver category, Nairobi based Rogue Rugby Podcast and TV, received KES 100,000 towards the acquisition of Microphones, a professional camera and lighting. The podcast and social media site run by Kenya 7s player Samuel Asanti specialises in behind the scenes look at Kenya 7s preparations for the Olympics.

SportPesa Chief Executive Officer Captain Ronald Karauri during the launch of the Tujiamini Initiative in Nairobi on Thursday night. PHOTO/ SP

Another five winners were awarded in the Bronze category, where Tujiamini will be rewarding up to 80 winners monthly for unique talents showcase or responding to requests for simple needs such as school fees, playing kits, training gear, gym membership, pro training among others.

In the spirit of inclusivity, winners will be divided by regions including; Central, Eastern and North Eastern, North Rift Valley, Western, Nairobi, Nyanza, South Rift Valley and Coast regions respectively. Tujiamini will then culminate with an overall winner who will be crowned at the end of the 10 month period.

Participants will be required to submit their nominations for support at in their individual, team or community capacities. Entries will be judged on a points criteria every month with 1 winner getting Ksh. 500,000 in the Gold category. Another 5 winners will receive Ksh 100,000 each in the Silver category and both categories will include additional sports-related products, equipment or services courtesy of SportPesa and DBA Africa.

Similarly, the whole nation will be eligible to apply for the 80 awards of Ksh. 10,000 that will be up for grabs in the Bronze category every month by submitting a video showcasing their sporting talent or request for support.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba (center) during the launch of the Tujiamini Initiative in Nairobi on Thursday night. PHOTO/ SP

In fostering grass-roots footballing talent, Tujiamini whose core values are community empowerment and investing in the future of sports, will include a fourth category of winners where a community-owned football team in each of the 10 regions will receive a monthly sponsorship package in a three year deal worth Ksh 250,000 annually.

SportPesa are presently backing the champions of Kenyan football, Gor Mahia, the Murang’a Seals, the esteemed Men’s Nation 7s Rugby team, Shujaa, and sponsor the local SportPesa National 7’s Rugby Circuit. Additionally, they provide support to various grass-roots football teams throughout the country.

DBA Africa, a Kenyan company with strong connections in the United Kingdom, has collaborated with multiple international Kenyan athletes within the Kenya 7s Rugby, Athletics, Golf and Lacrosse.  The company has also spearheaded various sports development initiatives across diverse sporting disciplines in East Africa.

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