Top 100 Most Loved Brands By Women To Host Inaugural Golf Tournament

BSD Group’s Founder and CEO Ms. Eva Muraya. PHOTO/ COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya- Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women (TMLB) is hosting its inaugural golf tournament at the Windsor Golf Club in Nairobi.

The tournament draws business leaders, investors, policymakers, and other key stakeholders in trade and investment from corporates, SMEs, government, and development sector to enhance the understanding of role of women in decision making whilst purchasing and consuming brands or services.

BSD Group’s Founder and CEO Ms. Eva Muraya says: “The one-day tournament will field more than 150 players. This is a platform for industry leaders to appreciate and learn how women are an engine of economic and business growth. The women’s market is a lucrative segment with great potential of growth for most businesses to invest in.

From an inspirational perspective, we have established that a combination of factors such as finances, family, career, education, and personal preferences are key drivers of how women consume products and service.”

The study is a partnership between BSD Group – a corporate brand building and strategic communications firm and Kenya’s leading market research and consulting company Ipsos.

Ms. MURAYA adds: “TMLB market study establishes the authority of women consumers as an emerging, significant, and profitable consumer market in Africa. The study also serves as an insight-led tool to inform, empower, and enrich businesses with the understanding of women as a market segment.”

The tournament, which will be held annually has so far signed up more than seventy (70), global and local brands.

The innovative market study was officially unveiled in March 2021.

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