Safari Classic: Kenyan Driver Eric Bengi Races Towards A Greener Future

Eric Bengi displays the first look of his Opel machine. PHOTO/ EAST AFRICAN SAFARI CLASSIC RALLY (EASCR)

NAIROBI, Kenya- Several motorsport competitors and organizers across the globe are taking steps towards a greener future to emphasize sustainability and environmental friendliness.

As concerns about climate change and pollution continue to rise, rally driver Eric Bengi is leaving nothing to chance in implementing measures to sensitize the public about sustainability.

Bengi: “We are happy to be back again in the East African Safari Classic Rally (EASCR). This year we will be debuting an Opel Kadett to test the iconic terrains of the world’s toughest classic event. We are very optimistic that the Opel will fare well being a light and swift car.”

“We will be racing our car under 7-70 Motorsports livery and we are proud to be “Racing for Sustainability”; for environmental protection and restoration.”

“We will also be planting trees with the community in Mabirikani Primary School in Kilifi County, as part of our responsible racing and to reduce our carbon footprint. We want to mobilize to plant a tree for every kilometer we race. For this project, we have partnered with Kilifi County, Ndovu Cement & Aggregates, and East African Classic Safari Rally,” remarked Bengi.

Bengi hopes to ruffle feathers in the 10-day classic extravaganza navigated by Gatimu Mindo.

“Mindo is a very seasoned navigator, an astute rider, driver, and mechanic, all in one package. For the Classic you need an old hand in the game. We are calling upon our entire country to join hands with us to plant trees and clean our environment.”

 Bengi is an all-round driver who participates in motor rallying and circuit championships like RX Motorsports and Autocross.

Eric Bengi displays the first look of his Opel machine. PHOTO/ EAST AFRICAN SAFARI CLASSIC RALLY (EASCR)

He is a former Two Wheel Drive title holder, Kenya National Rally Championship double champion in Division One and Group N categories, and currently the Four-Wheel Drive Turbo Autocross champion.

The 2023 Classic Safari set a record with the highest number of entries in its history, however, due to limitations, only 63 entrees will be participating from December 9–18.

Of the 63, 44 are foreigners who will battle for honors in an event that will traverse 11 counties across multiple State-owned and private enterprises.

The 10-day rally is expected to inject a staggering Sh228m into the national economy.

The rally, covering 4,000km over 10 days, will kick off with a shakedown stage in Vipingo Ridge, offering competitors and organizers a taste of the unique terrain that the Ridge has to offer.

 The race will feature a diverse range of cars, from Tuthill Porsches and Ford Escorts to a 2-car Morgan team and even a Trabant. 

Notably, an all-lady team from the Czech Republic, led by renowned singer Olga Lounova, will bring female mechanics, marking a first for rallying in Kenya.

The rally’s rich history, rugged terrain, and challenging driving conditions have attracted amateur and professional drivers from around the globe.

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