Premier Academy Win Lisle Shaw Inter School Golf Tournament

Premier Academy with their winners’ trophy. PHOTO/Caption

NAIROBI, Kenya- Impressive scores from handicap 4 Tsevi Soni, Aarush Vara, Yuvraj Rajput, and handicap 6 Ishan Samani helped Premier Academy dominate the Lisle Shaw Inter School golf tournament played at the Royal Golf Club in Nairobi.

Tsevi Soni – Premier Academy. PHOTO/ Caption

Tsevi Soni’s 78 gross points were the second-best individual score of the day that helped Premier Academy collect 239 gross points, 8 points clear of second-placed Rosslyn Academy. Aaarush Vara scored 79 points, Yuvraj Rajput 82 points and Ishan Samani 83 points.

For Rosslyn Academy, Audrey Gachora scored 81 points, Jelani Kihanya 82 points, Nehemiah Dinkins 84 points, and Hazel Kuria 93 points for a total of 247 gross points.

Audrey Gachora – Rosslyn Academy. PHOTO/ Caption

“The first nine I wasn’t hitting the balls in the right direction, and I had to keep on chipping and my putts weren’t going the way I wanted them to. The competition is now good because we are now playing with handicaps and we are playing from the ladies and men’s tees. So, we are being pushed back a little bit,” observed Audrey Gachora.

Nathan Mwangi – Makini Cambrige. PHOTO/Caption

Finishing third in the tournament was the team from home education. Junaid Manji playing off handicap two was impressive with 79 gross points followed by handicap 10 Kanana Muthomi with 84 points, handicap 9 Kriss Vagdama with 86 points, and handicap 3 Mintash Thacker with 91 points. They scored 249 gross points, two points off the second-placed Rosslyn Academy.

21 teams from 13 schools took part in the tournament with the schools bringing in new players and more girls in the competition.

Ewan Van Niekerk – Hillcrest Secondary School. PHOTO/Caption

“It is good to see new faces and new juniors. Today some very many girls aren’t there in the US Kids and Junior Golf Foundation tournaments which was nice to see. And just that the schools have grown over the years, I remember there were only four schools two years ago and now they are more than ten, and that’s a great thing,” said Kushagra Sharma from Oshwal Junior High School.

On having more girls at the tournament, Audrey Gachora said “Probably because more girls are getting handicaps and they are playing well with them, more girls could come in and play in these kinds of tournaments.”

Yuvraj Rajput – Premier Academy. PHOTO/Caption

Chloe Cherono, fresh from winning the 2023 Royal Ladies Matchplay Championship scored 83 points as her school, Braeside Lavington finished 14th. Cherono played the shot of the day, chipping from the bunker into the hole for a birdie in hole number seven.

Chloe Cherono – Braeside Lavington. PHOTO/Caption

“That hole was frustrating but I ended well. I had a very bad tee shot; I was disappointed in myself. My second shot I guess was okay, but could be better. Then my third shot went into the bunker and I chipped from there into the hole. I just wanted to get out of the bunker and aimed to land close to the hole, that’s how I managed it,” said a beaming Cherono.

Ishan Samani – Premier Academy. PHOTO/Caption

In the subsidiary category of the tournament, Premier Academy II emerged as the winner with 144 net points followed by Aga Khan Academy with 150 points and Oshwal Junior High School with 152 net points.  

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