Nine Women Appointed In KMSF Commissions In Historic Gesture

Caroline Gatimu R and her daughter Tinashe during the WRC safari in Naivasha. Caroline is among the nine women appointed to KMSF Commissions. PHOTO/COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya-Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) has confirmed its Sporting Commissions for 2024 in historic appointments that will see 9 women serve in various commissions.

Tuta Mionki, who recently became Kenya’s first woman to serve as FIA chairperson of stewards during the ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally in Jinja, will sit in the Richard Onyoni-led Rallies Commission alongside lady navigator Linet Ayuko. 

The Rallies Commission also has the 1994 WRC Safari Rally winner Ian Duncan and reigning African Rally Champion Karan Patel.

KMSF General Manager Mwaura Njuguna expressed optimism that the new women commissioners will bring a wealth of experience to their appointments.

“In line with the tenets of our global body, FIA; KMSF continues to enhance opportunities for women to realize their potential at the highest levels of the motor sport sector.,” said Mwaura

Wambui Kiiru has been named as a member of the Keith Henrie-led Autocross Commission alongside Joan Nesbitt of the Haraka Mamas.

The Karting Commission led by Peter Macharia also has a lady member in Hasmita Bharat.

Tana Williams will continue to chair Rally Raid Commission whose members for 2024 are Harry Sagoo, Jet Anthony, five hit the Safari Rally navigators winner Tim Jessop, Geoff Mayes and off road legend Ross Field.

Tarmac Member Doreen Sasaka is also in the ladies mix and so is trailblazing Caroline Gatimu who landed the Historical Car Commision/Concours d’Elegance appointment. 

Gatimu and her daughter Tinashe became the first ever mother-and-daughter crew to finish the WRC Safari Rally last year, a feat they replicated in 2024..

The Medical commission has a lady member in Dr. Brenda Lasoi whilst the Safety commission has Claire Ronoh.

Nesbitt, who previously competed at the wheel of a 2WD Toyota Tercel, will also double up as a member of the safety Commission which is being chaired by Norris Ongalo.

 Ongalo has also been appointed the ex-officio member of the Medical Commission.

The KMSF Appeals Board incepted in 2021 has seven members namely James Gichuru, George Mwangi, Kimanthi Maingi, Tuta Mionki, Surinder Thatthi, Frank Gitau and Raphael Nzomo

The 2024 KMSF Sporting commissions are as follows: –


1          Chairman        Richard Onyoni

2          Member          Ian Duncan

3          Member          Karan Patel

4          Member          Linet Ayuko

5          Member          Shameer Yusuf

6          Member          Musa Locho

7          Member          Norris Ong’alo

8          Member          Gurvir Bhabra

9          Member          Tuta Mionki

AUTOCROSS COMMISSION                   

1          Chairman        Keith Henrie

2          Member          Joan Nesbit

3          Member          Wambui Kiiru              

4          Member          Felix Mururu

5          Member          Shaz Ismael

KARTING COMMISSION                        

1          Chairman        Peter Macharia

2          Member          Norris Ong’alo

3          Member          Jeremiah Wahome                  

4          Member          Mindo Gatimu

5          Member          Hasmita Bharat

6          Member          Harry Mwangi

7          Member          John Kamau

4 X 4 COMMISSION                  

1          Chairman        Munene Gitau

2          Member          Steven Waiyaki

3          Member          Humphrey Kiruki

4          Member          Mandeep Singh Saimbi

5          Member          Dash Patel

RALLY RAID COMMISSION                    

1          Chairperson    Tana Williams

2          Member          Harry Sagoo

3          Member          Jet Anthony

4          Member          Tim Jessop

5          Member          Geoff Mayes

6          Member          Ross Field


1          Chairman        Umang Soni

2          Member          Joe Murai

3          Member          Zafar Sadik

4          Member          Niraj Patel

5          Member          Lu Jin

6          Member          Jason Wood

7          Member          Doreen Sasaka

SAFETY COMMISSION               

1          Chairman        Norris Ong’alo

2          Member          Joan Nesbitt

3          Member          Dash Patel

4          Member          Abbas Murbe

5          Member          Claire Ronoh

6          Member          Dr. David Karuri

MEDICAL COMMISSION                       

1          Chairman        Dr. David Karuri

2          Member          Dr. Brenda Lasoi

3          Member          Dr. VP Chauhan

4          Member          Martin Mathenge

5          Ex-Officio Member      Norris Ong’alo

HISTORICAL CAR COMMISSION / Concours d’Elegance                       

1          Chairman        Peter Wanday

2          Member          Joey Ghose

3          Member          Val D’Souza

4          Member          Bob Dewar   

5          Member          Caroline Gatimu


1          Chairman        Gurvir Bhabra

2          Member          Onkar Kalsi

3          Member          Sam Karangatha

4          Member          Qayyum Shiraz

5          Member          Umang Soni

6          Member          Joe Murai

APPEALS BOARD                     

1          Member          James Gichuru

2          Member          George Mwangi

3          Member          Kimanthi Maingi

4          Member          Tuta Mionki

5          Member          Surinder Thatthi

6          Member          Frank Gitau

7          Member          Raphael Nzomo

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