Mutua Lifts Heritage And Liberty Insurance Mug In Karen

Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Managing Director Nkoregamba Mwebesa (left) hands over winner’s prize to John Mutua of Karen Golf and Country Club on Saturday night. PHOTO/ COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya- John Mutua is the winner of the Karen Golf and Country Club January Mug tournament sponsored by Heritage and Liberty Insurance held in Nairobi at the weekend.

The handicap 19 player fired 67 nett to floor other 170 players from the overall title despite contesting in the Division C category.

He attributed his feat to the extensive training he had during the festive season which has kept him lean and fit.

He also credited luck, skills and a good batch on the course as other factors that propelled him to the first victory of the year.

“This is one major competition of the club that I couldn’t afford to miss. From the preparations, I was hoping to play well and indeed it happened.

“I am glad that things stood out my way today, golf is 50 percent skill and 50 percent luck, but all combined to make me a champion this evening, I am so happy,” the 43-year-old father of three told Standard Sports.

Mutua believes the competition is a good initiative that is being supported by the Heritage and Liberty Insurance and the fact that the firm has been sponsoring the event for the last 45 years is a great testament to how noble the cause is.

“We really appreciate them for the support, that’s why we also support them with clients to encourage them to come back bigger and better in the coming years,” he underlined.

Through social networking in golf, Mutua has met different people who have shaped him with life changing deals on the course. Golf has also kept him very fit meaning less appointments with hospitals and doctors.

Mutua’s target this season is to lower his handicap to a single digit, meaning he’s so determined to move back to his previous Division B category.

Nathan Mwangi (left) who did well in the gross category awarded by Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Managing Director Nkoregamba Mwebesa for his feat. PHOTO/ COURTESY

“I did not play a lot of golf last year due to work; this saw me slip to my current category. Now, I have ample time and hopefully by the time we play the February Mug I will have gone back to Division B.”

Mutua has other plans in the game this year and part of it is to introduce his three daughters to serious golfing this season which he is hopeful will pay off.

His advice to people who are eager to embrace the game is that golf is a social sport which requires discipline.

“It also shows your character, how you behave on the course, how you handle that bad shot is actually how you behave in the real-world,” he stated.


The 2024 Heritage and Liberty Insurance January Mug results

Senior Winner: Henry Maina 75 nett

Junior Winner: Tyler Belyon 74 nett

Staff Winner: Tony Mwangi 68 nett

Guest Winner: Laurence Atonga 72 nett

Gross Winner: Ricky Kianga 81 gross ACB

Division C winners

Second Nine: David Tyrrell 33 nett ACB

First Nine:  Paul Wythe 35 nett ACB

Runners Up: Eugene Gikonyo 70 nett

Champion: John Mutua 67 nett

Division B winners

Second Nine: Mwangi Muthee 34 nett ACB

First Nine: Tom Tigogo 35 nett ACB

Runners Up: Joseph Kyalo 71 nett ACB

Champion: Steve Waruhiu 70 nett

Division A winners

Second Nine: Joe Muigai 36 nett ACB

First Nine: Ali Mohamed 35 nett ACB

Runners Up: Wade Kilburn 74 nett ACB

Champion: David Mambo 72 nett

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