LG Electronics Elevates SJAK FC: Unveiling Of New Football Kits

SJAK FC receives 30 brand new football kits. PHOTO/LG

NAIROBI, Kenya- In a spectacular showcase of unwavering support for sports and community, LG Electronics, a global technology leader, has today 23rd November 2023, elevated the spirit of SJAK FC by unveiling 30 brand new football kits. This significant gesture not only cements the long-standing partnership between LG and SJAK but also signifies a fresh chapter in the journey of SJAK FC.

Maureen Moraa, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager at LG Electronics, expressed the company’s excitement about the new chapter, stating, “LG Electronics is proud to present these state-of-the-art football kits to SJAK FC. Our commitment goes beyond mere sponsorship; it’s about empowering sports journalists and fostering a culture of excellence. We are thrilled to be a part of SJAK FC’s journey and look forward to witnessing their triumphs on the field.”

SJAK FC receives 30 brand new football kits. PHOTO/LG

SJAK Secretary General, Moses Wakhisi, conveyed gratitude, stating, “This unveiling of new kits is more than a wardrobe change for SJAK FC; it’s a symbol of our enduring partnership with LG. We are grateful for their continued support, and this step is just the beginning. The leadership is steadfast in providing the best for our journalists, and we anticipate great success ahead.”

The stand-in coach of SJAK FC, Greg Mulemi, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The new kits are fantastic, and this partnership with LG has injected a new level of energy into SJAK FC. As we gear up for upcoming friendly matches, we’re confident these kits will inspire our team to achieve remarkable results.”

SJAK FC receives 30 brand new football kits. PHOTO/LG

Player George Ajwala shared his excitement, saying, “The new SJAK FC kits are more than just uniforms; they represent a new era of support and commitment. With LG and SJAK standing behind us, we are confident in achieving positive results on the field.”

As part of the celebration, LG Electronics has provided 30 meticulously designed football kits, symbolizing the fusion of technology and sportsmanship.

SJAK FC receives 30 brand new football kits. PHOTO/LG

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LG Electronics and SJAK FC are united in their commitment to redefining sports excellence and leaving an enduring mark on the sporting landscape.

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