KNCCI President Richard Ngatia Terms Business Community Real Heroes


NAIROBI, Kenya- The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Richard Ngatia has today said that the Kenya Business Community is a representative of the real heroes of the country.

Ngatia today sent a congratulatory message to the business community as Kenyans marked the Mashujaa day public holiday and noted that the business community’s efforts in driving the Kenyan economy forward make them true heroes of the country without who, economic development of the country won’t spur.


“We recognize and laud the Kenyan Business Community for their contributions in driving the economy forward. You are true heroes and I wish them all a happy mashujaa day,” Ngatia said.

The KNCCI president said that the business sector was a key economic driver and should be recognized as a key industry alongside other areas of the economy like agribusiness.

Kenya national chamber of commerce and industry is a body that helps champion the growth and development of businesses from the Juakali sector to high-ranking businesses ensuring inaccessible to financial assistance.

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