EASCR Boosts Kenyan Economy By 225M Kenyan Shillings, 1.5M USD

Remon Vos (Right) of Netherlands and navigator Stephane Prevot of Belgium celebrate after winning the third edition of the EA Mini Classic Rally in Eldoret on Sunday night. PHOTO/COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya- The 11th edition of the East African Safari Classic Rally (EASCR) to be held in December 2023, will bring foreign investment of over USD 1,500,000 into Kenya. The 10-day rally has drawn more than 65 entrants, from across Kenya and further afield,44 of whom are international. Each team is expected to spend around $25,000 whilst in Kenya. 11 Counties will benefit from the 350 cars passing through their borders, with over 800 hotel beds per night being booked across 25 different hotels. The spend on accommodation alone will top USD 600,000. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will net around $75,000 in Park fees from the rally, giving a welcome boost to the custodians of the country’s stunning wildlife and landscapes. Other beneficiaries of the rally will be local businesses including restaurants, car rental companies, logistics firms, tourist attractions, and car mechanics; as well as thousands of individuals who will be involved in the World’s Toughest Rally. The investment that the EASCR will stimulate in Kenya will not be at a cost to the environment. It is one of the only rallies worldwide to be carbon-free off-setting emissions from cars and helicopter flights through carbon credits. In addition, drivers and teams will be planting trees in Kilifi County at the start, aligned with Governmental initiatives. This year’s entrants have a net worth of over USD 100bn; as the EASCR showcases Magical Kenya rally organizers are convinced some of them will consider future investments in Kenya. CEO Jeet Ghose said: “It is wonderful to host an event in Kenya that generates such a large and timely boost to both Kenyan rallying and tourism across 11 Counties and multiple State-owned and Private Enterprises”. For more information, please contact info@eastafricansafarirally.com.

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