Cypriot Rally Driver Evgeny Kireev To Match Donations In A Rallying Call For Kenyan Children’s Charities

Children’s Home Benefits As Driver Kireev Faces Fine For Conduct Violation At East African Safari Classic Rally. PHOTO/SAFARI CLASSIC RALLY

NAIROBI, Kenya– Evgeny Kireev, the Cypriot rally driver with a heart as courageous as his driving, is making waves in the East African Classic Safari Rally, not only on the track but also in the realm of philanthropy. Having already raised a commendable ten thousand dollars for Kenyan children’s charities, he now pledges to match further donations, amplifying his support for the local communities.

With his eyes set on the road and his heart on the welfare of Kenyan children, Mr. Kireev’s initial contributions have made a significant difference to:

1. Kids League Kenya – An organization committed to providing educational opportunities to the children of Kenya, enabling them to lead informed and productive lives.

2. Thomas Barnardo House (Kenya Children’s Home) – A haven for orphaned children, offering them love, security, and the chance to achieve their dreams through proper care and education.

As the rally progresses, Mr. Kireev’s goal is to increase his philanthropic footprint. He is determined to drive as much aid as possible to these organizations by the rally’s end. In a generous move, he has announced that for anyone who is inspired by his actions and wishes to contribute to these charities, he will personally match the donations, dollar for dollar, effectively doubling the support for these vital causes.

The East African Classic Safari Rally Organization celebrates Mr. Kireev’s exceptional dedication and calls upon spectators, fellow drivers, and the global community to join in this charitable endeavor. This matching challenge not only magnifies the impact of each donation but also serves as a call to action for all who are moved by the spirit of giving.

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