All Good To Go For The Adrenaline-Packed East African Safari Classic Amidst Weather Forecasts

Clerk of the course- Renzo Bernadi. PHOTO/EAST AFRICAN SAFARI CLASSIC RALLY

VIPINGO, Kilifi- In anticipation of the highly awaited East African Safari Classic Rally, Clerk of the Course Renzo Bernardi Friday shared a sneak peek into the challenges and excitement that await the participants in this year’s edition.

Bernardi outlined the unique features of this year’s rally, emphasizing the diverse terrains that participants will traverse.

“This year’s rally will be a little bit of a surprise because obviously with the recent rains have certainly made a difference to the roads which as you know we have been recceing months before but we are hoping with the recent sunny conditions we hope the roads will dry up and won’t be so bad. But it will definitely be a challenge especially for the new comers who have no idea what rallying in East Africa really is”.

When asked about plans for any eventualities as a result of the weather effects.

“Clearly we will have to continue monitoring the weather. We have a Day-Ahead rally car being driven by our veteran rally driver Azar Anwar and he will give us feedback on what’s happening and we have two other cars, one is running one and two hours ahead respectively. So with that we shall have a pretty good idea well in advance. So if we have delicate situations then we will just have to manage it, either we shorten the stage, or worst case, cancel a stage. We are ready to handle all the stages unless the conditions worsen, said Bernardi

He added, “We have implemented stringent safety protocols and are working closely with local authorities to ensure a secure environment throughout the rally. Our medical and emergency response teams are well-prepared to handle any unforeseen situations,” he affirmed.

Bernardi who has previously taken part in six editions of the Classic Rally the pre event program is running as scheduled “Today we are just wrapping up the scrutineering, which will be followed up by the team managers and drivers meeting which will bring them up to speed with all that pertains to the route and servicing and then we are basically ready for the ceremonial start for tomorrow which will be the prologue here at Vipingo Ridge.

He also highlighted the collaborative efforts with local communities, expressing gratitude for their support.

“As we all know the Safari Classic has got a very positive history in Kenya, people will always remember the Safari whether they are 80 or 20 years old because it’s part of our history. We have been engaging and advising the communities along the routes to try and keep safety and security as a priority. The two advance cars that will be ahead will also be sensitizing the communities and creating the events awareness.

 “The East African Safari Classic Rally is not just about the thrill of the race; it’s about fostering community engagement and showcasing the beauty of the regions we pass through. We appreciate the warm welcome we receive from each community along the route,” he added.

Kilifi County Governor, H.E. Gideon Mung’aro is scheduled to flag off the East African Safari Classic Rally tomorrow morning at the Vipingo Ridge with 63 classic cars ready for the 9 day adventure, starting with the 15 Km prologues spectator stage, set to be held at the same grounds.

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