Volleyball Frenzy In 2024: A Year Packed With Thrills

Kenya women’s beach volleyball team in acton in Mombasa, Kenya in December 2023. PHOTO/ KVF

NAIROBI, Kenya- Get ready for an action-packed year in volleyball as the sport gears up for an exhilarating calendar of events in 2024. From thrilling qualifiers to prestigious championships, this year promises an unmissable lineup for both genders.

Kenya men’s beach volleyball team in acton in Mombasa, Kenya in December 2023. PHOTO/ KVF

  1. African Games Qualifiers (Zone 5) – January 2024: The quest for qualification intensifies as teams compete for their spot in the highly anticipated African Games.
  2. East African Games – January to February 2024 – Rwanda: Witness the best from East Africa battling it out in an extravaganza of skill and passion.
  3. African Games – March – Accra, Ghana: The pinnacle of African volleyball unfolds as nations vie for continental glory in Accra.
  4. African Club Championships – April to May: Clubs clash for the ultimate prize and a direct ticket to the esteemed World Club Championships.
  5. Beach Volleyball Continental Cup – June 2024: Feel the excitement of beach volleyball as teams vie for a coveted spot at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.
  6. National League Playoffs – June 2024: The domestic league reaches its climax in thrilling playoffs, showcasing top-notch talent.
  7. 2024 Paris Olympic Games – August 2024: The grand stage awaits the best of the best in volleyball as they compete for Olympic gold.

Kenya women’s volleyball team, Malkia Strikers in action at a past event. PHOTO/ KVF

With such a packed calendar, all stakeholders must be on high alert, ensuring that each competition sees the best teams representing our nation and clubs.

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